Micheal Israel

Original Speed Painter

Michael Israel is a world-renowned American artist, entertainer, speaker, and humanitarian famous for "Speed Painting" performances and inspiring compassion and support for many charities including the Special Olympics, Make-A-Wish, Komen Breast Cancer, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Born in New York during the mayhem of the 60s, Michael's artistic journey began at the age of 2, when his mother caught him painting on the walls of their home. Michael has lived his motto:"When Imagination Exceeds Reality, Dreams are Born!" by rising from starving artist to world-renowned artist and humanitarian outside of the norm of traditional art exhibitions, galleries, and museums.

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Lester E Carvajal


Cuban born in the city of Camagüey, Lester studied and graduated Mechanical Engineering even though his vocation was the fine art. After graduating, Lester decided to leave his Engineering profession to
devote himself completely to painting. 
In his hometown, Lester worked as an independent artist and made numerous solo as well as collective exhibitions.  Gallery is a personal exhibition that stood out and was a real success in 2010. Another remarkable exhibition, this time collective, that Lester worked on in 2011 was “Fidelio Ponce” and was held at the City Hall.


Due to the quality of his work, Lester was the subject of several interviews on TV, in the written press as well as the radio. The Colombian capital was Lester’s home until the end of 2014, when he felt that Miami would be more appropriate and inspiring for his work and so he once again moved. Having the experience of living in different countries with unique cultures, Lester developed an exquisite and beautiful sense of preparation of his pieces, therefore they have been acquired and exhibited in galleries and private collections in Finland, Switzerland, Slovakia, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras and the United States.

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Beo Hendrix Xhaguar

Artist / Master of Craft

born in CapeTown (RSA), raised in Zurich (CH), living in Tulum (MX), and Miami (USA) my work thrives to create and illuminate a transcendent experience through, with and for all of our life, by sculpting new energy, frequency and feelings into dead objects.





... is the unifying of Adam (A-tom) and Eve (Light) to the perfect in the imperfect, to oneness as one of a kind, to the magic and its presence in every single precious moment, carrying the wisdom of the past and the
perpetual beauty of the future, to close the circle and open your system to recognize the beauty within yourself ,
for your very own illumnisenzia.

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King Redd

Artist / Muralist

G J Pierre a.k.a King Redd is an Afro Caribbean artist born in the mid 80’s on a small island called St. Croix. 
Redd as his friends call him, came to Miami with his mom when he was 3 years old. She raised him in an old fashion way and bestowed him with ideas and activity to keep him off the streets. Inspired by the game consoles, comic books and all the classic childhood games, Redd started drowning super heroes graffiti and always kept a sketch book with him.


In his early 20’s he turned his love of art in to a profession as a tattoo artist and kept that up for 12 years. In early 2017 he met an artist named Lepo who opened his path into becoming a visual artist and also a mural artist. Redd went on to participate in art shows and events for the remainder of the year and eventually getting into an Art Basel event. While looking at his work keep in mind his freshness, originality and heritage.

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